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Welcome to Interial & Architects, where innovation meets expertise in the dynamic world of design and construction. Our team comprises young and passionate architects and designers, each bringing over 3 years of invaluable experience to the table. Together, we form a collective dedicated to transforming spaces and redefining environments. Founded by a licensed and registered member of the Council of Architecture, Delhi, our commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in professional integrity. 

“In design’s canvas, I blend purpose and simplicity like quiet architects. My work unfolds to honor the natural spirit of spaces, blending smooth function with a one-of-a-kind form, resonating with the undiscovered beauty of each place.”

– Ar. Divya Patil

Ar. Divya Patil

Meet Ar. Divya Patil, the visionary force behind our architectural prowess. With over 5+ years of hands-on experience in the field of architecture and design, Divya is a registered architect with a passion for merging tradition with modernity. , Divya champions the use of local materials and vernacular techniques, drawing inspiration from the rich arts and crafts of rural India. This ethos not only lends a distinctive character to her designs but also reflects a commitment to responsible and cost-effective architectural solutions. Her approach is rooted in the belief that architecture should not only be cost-effective and user-friendly but also possess the power to be truly iconic.

About Our Services

Our services blend innovative design, sustainable practices, and client-centric solutions. From housing to commercial projects, we deliver iconic, cost-effective designs, harmonizing modern aesthetics with local materials and cultural nuances.


We provide comprehensive architectural design service from planning to execution. We also undertake turnkey solutions.

Interior Design

We undertake interior designs as per category & budget and we also provide turnkey solutions

Master Planing

We provide comprehensive master planning service ranging from small to large plot division layout.


As a legal part of planning we undertake gov. sanctions as per local authority and also home loan sanctions.

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